Insider Tips On Finding The Perfect Lampshade

Finding the perfect lampshade for your home is not as easy as you may think! This is because choosing the right lampshade to complement your interior goes far beyond colors and patterns. In fact, it is the intricacies that you may not even consider that can hold the key to the perfect lampshade.

The question of ‘How can I choose the perfect lampshade for my home?’ is one that we get all the time within our store. Because of this, our lamp and shade professionals are ready to spill the secrets behind finding the perfect lampshades to ensure that they complement your homes interior each and every time. 

In this article, we will detail why it is so important to pick the perfect lampshade and also detail four insider tips from our professionals.

Why Is It So Important To Pick The Perfect Lampshade?

Lampshades are an essential element of interior design. This, therefore, means that making sure you get the right color, texture, and depth is integral to the overall styling of your home. The seemingly simple addition of a lampshade can make or break an interior as they are not only designed for practicality but also aesthetics. 

The correct lampshade with the correct depth and the correct lighting can help to tie a space together and bring it to life. This is why so many talented interior designers put such an emphasis on something that the untrained eye would not necessarily comprehend. 

The practical use of a lampshade within a room is to diffuse the light and make it less harsh within the space. So making sure you choose the perfect lampshade can play a hugely important role in creating the ambiance and atmosphere you want to achieve within your home. 

Choosing the wrong lampshade can leave a space feeling uninspired and cold. This is because it can imbalance the design elements of a space by emitting either too much or not enough light.

Expert Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lampshade For Your Home

As we get asked “How can I pick the perfect lampshade for my home?” so often, our experienced lamp and shade professionals have all of the answers you need. Below you will find our four most important insider tips to help you choose a lampshade that is not only incredibly practical but that also perfectly complements and elevates your interior. 

Consider The Room & The Style

One of the most important things to consider when beginning your search for the perfect lampshade is where exactly the lamp will be positioned and the styling of the room. 

Understanding the style of a room and the styling that you are looking to achieve is integral for all furnishings, not just lampshades. However, it is particularly important when searching for lampshades as lighting can play a fundamental role in a room style. 

With interior design, it is important to use accessories such as lamps and lampshades to add the finishing touches to a space, not to build a space around this furnishing.

Measure The Furniture

Another hugely important factor that needs to be considered when looking for the perfect lampshade is the size of the furniture that it will sit on.

This is potentially one of the most important pieces of information that too many people neglect. To understand the lampshade that your space needs, you must first understand the size of the space.

Measuring the furniture allows you to understand the limitations you have when it comes to your lampshade. If it is a skinny console table then you may need either a smaller shade or a rectangular shade. If it is a large table then you may need a larger or more textured shade to make sure that it is not swallowed up by the scale of the table.

Understand How Much Lighting Each Room Needs


Understanding exactly how much light a room needs should always be an important factor in choosing the lampshade that is best for a room.

This is because each room in a home can have a completely different purpose. Some rooms you may use to read or to work, whereas other rooms are used to completely shut off and relax. Lighting plays a huge role in having these rooms work as effectively as possible for their different purposes.

If you are looking to read or work then you will need ample lighting to be able to do so. However, if you are looking for a relaxing room then you will typically need more dimmed and cozy lighting to help create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Reflect On Past Lampshades

Another very simple yet very effective tip is to reflect on how the original lampshade looked within your home. 

This will help you to better understand whether you are looking for something quite similar, or something completely different. Is your current shade very plain and you are looking for more of a textured or patterned lampshade? Or was your prior shade very loud and colorful and you are now looking for a more neutral and plain lampshade?

Understanding the styles that resonated with you and also the styles that you did not like can help you refine what you are looking for and make the search much simpler.

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