About Us

STORE HOURS:  Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM and Saturday 10AM - 4PM

As The Shade Shop has evolved from a local store to sharing its collection with the wider market via online shopping, its story and reach grows. Begun in the late 1990's and enhanced over the past several years with the infusion of energy via new ownership, what makes the store special is the aesthetic, the impressive collection, and the expertise of the staff.  

Owner/Curator Kara Williams and sales associates are all ready to help customers create the right light. Elegance, charm, playfulness, or calm, all can be achieved with light, lamps, and furnishings. Rooms may evoke quiet and softness, or a visual feast of texture and pattern. Here, the collection spans from Fermoie, Penny Morrison, and Ian Sanderson lampshades from the UK, to Gucci, Fortuny, and Gracie wallpaper lampshades. Vibrant ikat and block print lampshades give you a huge pop of color while traditional neutral lampshades work well in any space.

If you can't find the perfect lampshade, we can custom order anything imaginable. We can use your own material or provide it for you, the options are endless.