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Biarritz Basque

Biarritz Basque

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On the southern coast of France, there is an idyllic town that has hosted such luminary visitors as Napoléon III and Coco Chanel—yet it’s also a surfer’s paradise. This captivating anomaly is none other than Biarritz. Imagine breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural tapestry, and the aroma of traditional Basque cuisine lingering in the air. This holiday hot spot, perfectly poised along the Atlantic coast, is your gateway to the villages of Basque Country, treasures like Guéthary, Anglet, Bidart, and Arcangues.

Biarritz exudes an old-world charm, intimately felt on the pelota courts in town and experienced while weaving among the moored wooden fishing boats in Guéthary. Craftsmanship is a time-honored tradition in this region—valuing the handmade process of making makilas and championing the century-old linen producers. Readers might initially come for the waves in Biarritz Basque, but they will stay for the soul.

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